Car Finance

Business Car Finance with less paperwork.

There are two types of business car finance. Full document loans and low doc car loans.

This site is about Business Car Finance with less paperwork for small business owners.

These Low Doc Car Loans are for eligible commercial clients without the need to provide financials.

If you are buying a vehicle in company name, partnership or as a sole trader then these low doc car loans are simple.

4 easy steps

1.  What is the business car finance rate?

Low Doc Car Loans interest rates are current and updated daily.

Indicative Interest rates

Fixed rates from


* This business car finance rate is for new vehicles over $60,000 on CHP

2.  Do I qualify?

Check out check-list for business car finance

3.  What paperwork do I need?

These low doc car loans require:-

No accountants letter


No tax returns

No financials

So what paperwork is needed?

Completed application form

Dealer Tax Invoice

100 pts Id

Rates Notice

4.  How do I apply for a business car finance loan?

Call us and we will send you the forms.

Business Car finance doesn’t have to be hard.

It really is that easy!!